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Graphic creation and page – setting are the essential and crucial stages in achieving a printed document.
Not only a picture is ten times more liable to be memorized than a text, but the computer graphics marks your difference and enables you to break free from your competitors.

With a machinery park composed of Macs and PCs, we are in a position to carry out all of your creations. Our computer graphics artists and designers have a large knowledge of the picture and your products quality. Fully aware of your constraints, they put their talents together in order to put your ideas into shape, type your texts or carry out the page-setting of your documents. Our creations are realized mainly with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Quark Xpress. We can also illustrate your documents with freehand drawings and worked over again by computer graphics or directly on our graphics palette.

When a drawing is not enough, we take photos outside or in studio. These photos are taken with an 8- mega high quality digital camera.

We are equipped with high-performance materials which are updated about every 6 months. This is the computer science trap! To be high-performing you have to keep abreast of development.

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