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The Tomota Group
The Tomota Group

The Tomota Group is composed of 10 companies in various fields of activity: Printing; Graphique Industrie, Graphique Industrie Niger, and shares in IDT in Tchat; stationery trade: LPS; Transport; Tata Transport; Edition: The EDIM; Estate promotion: SAPI. Building and public works: EGCC BAT; Import and Export: SOCOGEM; Photocopier distribution: SCD; Oil mill, soap and livestock stock food factory: HUICOMA.  Managed by Mr. Aliou TOMOTA, the 100% private group generates a turnover of E 70,000,000, employs over 1,750 wage earners and stands out as the first employer in Mali. The Tomota group invests each year and diversifies its activities by setting up and repurchasing companies interested in industrialization and services. A recent agreement has just been signed for the accomplishment of an IBIS hotel with the Accor Group involvement.

GROUPE TOMOTA, Avenue Cheick Zayed,
BP 2412 Bamako Mali
Telephone: 00 223 229 30 00
Fax: 00 223 229 3001
E mail :  

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